Technical Details
Onsite+ water purification systems 
Adrona water purification systems provide ultrapure water for laboratory needs. Quality of water meets requirements for Grade I water of ISO 3696 standard and corresponding ASTM and CLSI standards. 
Benefits of Adrona water purification systems 
• Premium quality water 
• Reliable operation 
• Low running costs 
• Easy installation and maintenance 
• Convenient user interface 
Onsite+ series 
• Color graphic display 
• Easily readable indication of water quality 
• TOC monitor 
• Volumetric dispense 
• Status indication with intuitive color pattern 
• Validation possibility 
• Systems for laboratories with consupmtion of ultrapure water of 5-10 liters per day 
• Onsite+ systems should be manually filled with pre-treated water 
• Integrated 5 L storage tank
Onsite Plus 6
Onsite Plus 6


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