Liofilizzatore da Laboratorio

Technical Details
Caratteristiche di rilievo 
  • Compact console design with casters in order to make it easy to install. 
  • PLC controlled equipment: automatic pressure control and shelves temperature programming. 
  • Touch screen that displays system operation parameters and alarm messages. 
  • Very wide and useful information and setting selection is provided. 
  • Monitoring software LyoLogger to connect unit to PC: standard unit including RS232 port. 
  • Unit allows fully automatic or semiautomatic process. Auto-start up and automatic switch off routines are included. 
  • Two choices of temperature: -55°C and -85°C. 
  • Pressure control: automatic control of vacuum for faster freeze drying and reproducible results. 
  • Isolation valve between chamber and condenser, very useful to test freeze-drying end point by controlling the pressure raising in the chamber. 
  • Side mounted vacuum and drain connections with valves. 
  • Upright AISI 316L condenser with total capacity up to 22 kg. 
  • Automatic defrosting function. Condenser design allows easy and quick cleaning and defrosting. 
  • Wide range of accessories and options to accommodate to every freeze drying application. 
Dati tecnici 
Ice condenser capacity: kg 16.5 
Final condenser temperature*: °C -5,5 
Number of compressors: 1 
Base unit weight: kg 170 
Total power: kW 2,8


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