Technical Details
MDF-DC500VX-PE TwinGuard ULT Freezer 
TwinGuard -86˚C MDF-DC500VX chest freezer delivers the unsurpassed level of safety and sample security that is critical for valuable biological samples alongside exceptional ease of use and data monitoring. 
Two independent refrigeration systems offer 
Ultimate Sample Protection The Dual Cooling System offers the highest level of protection through the use of two independent refrigeration systems. If one system unexpectedly fails the other can maintain the freezer in the -70˚C range. 
Valuable Sample Storage 
Securely store valuable and irreplaceable samples with the upmost confidence that they won’t be lost in the case of compressor failure. 
Significantly extended critical time to react to any sudden mechanical failure. Ideal for high security applications. 
Improved Temperature Performance 
TwinGuard chest freezers maintain even better temperature stability and uniformity during routine door openings than equivalent upright models as less cold air leaves the freezer while the door is open. 
The TwinGuard range is available in tree other models: 
 • MDF-DU502VX-PE 
 • MDF-DC700VX 
 • MDF-DU702VX-PE 
Ideally suited for: 
 • Temperature sensitive samples such as therapeutics and biospecimens. 
 • Samples needing to retain viability such as stem cells, engineered tissue, organs, vaccines, hybrodmas, cancer cells or fibroblasts. 
 • Longitudinal study samples 
 • Important medical research samples. 
 • Valuable pharmaceutical products. 
 • Clinical trial samples. 
 • Pathogenic samples within high security laboratories.


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