Technical Details
MDF-C2156VANW-PE -150°C 
The Cryogenic MDF-C2156VANW-PE Ultra Low Temperature Freezer is ideally suited for cryogenic freezing and long-term storage in laboratories and no longer uses harmful CFC’s to achieve a ultra low temperature of -150ºC. The Cryogenic MDF-C2156VANW-PE is a mechanical cryogenic freezer. 
VIP PLUS technology maximizes storage capacity over conventionally insulated models. Whatever your preservation needs are, PHCbi provides the right equipment to meet your exact requirements. PHCbi preservation systems employ advanced technology to insure a high precision temperature environment. 
PHCbi’s Hybrid water cooled technology on VIP ultra low temperature and cryogenic freezers improves the compressor efficiency. The power consumption of a Hybrid ULT can be reduced by typically 10~12% compared to the equivalent air-cooled model. 
Environmentally friendly 
The Cryogenic MDF-C2156VANW utilises binary mixed non-HCFC refrigerants. The new Vacuum Insulation Panels and double door gaskets reduce the power consumption. 
Compared to liquid nitrogen systems, Cryogenic MDF-C2156VAN offers the following advantages: 
Lower running cost 
Easy maintenance 
No occurrence of contamination 
 • Safe and Convenient Usability 
 • Specially designed cascade refrigeration system 
 • Standard LN2 backup 
 • Low operational costs. 
 • Convenient Control with LCD panel 
 • LN2 Cost Savings 
 • No liquid supply problems 
 • No danger of sudden liquid eruptions 
 • Compressors are specifically designed for refrigeration systems that achieve ultra-low temperatures 
 • VIP PLUS insulation maximizes storage capacity 
 • Rechargeable battery 
 • Panasonic patented VIP Plus Vacuum Insulation 
 • Three levels of cabinet security 
 • High performance, quiet-running PHCbi-designed refrigeration 
 • No CFC’s in the by PHCbi developed special mixed Refrigerant 
 • Enhanced reliability of long-term preservation 
 • Advanced controlling features 
 • LED digital display and flat key data entry for accurate temperature setting, confirmation and operation 
 • Inner cabinet maintains temperature safely below the -130°C 
 • Ultra-low temperature created by a high-efficiency oil separator 
 • Special foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation material for maximum cabinet protection 
 • Microprocessor-controlled filter-clogged check function 
 • High temperature warning equipment 
 • Power failure alarm lamp and buzzer 
 • Remote alarm contact 
 • Standard liquid nitrogen back up system


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