Technical Details
MDF-U33V-PE VIP ULT Freezer 
The VIP ULtra Low Freezer MDF-U33V is an Ultra Slim, space saving Ultra Low Temperature Freezer. It has improved energy consumption The VIP MDF-U33V-PE has a microprocessor control system, which is secure, easy to use and comprehensive. Set point, alarm parameters and self-diagnostic functions are accessed through a tamper-resistant keypad protocol. Control inputs are managed with convenient push-ad buttons on a unitized, sealed control overlay. The panel is door-mounted and angled for easy access. 
With a capacity of up to 216 pieces of two inch boxes (or 144 3 inch boxes), the energy-saving advantages of this efficient VIP MDF-U33V-PE Ultra Low Temperature Freezer system extend to lower per-unit storage costs regardless of the preferred inventory configuration.
PHC Europe B.V. offers three other sizes of the VIP ULT freezers: 
MDF-C8V1-PE (84 litres) 
MDF-U55V-PE (519 litres) 
MDF-U76V-PE (728 litres) 
 • PHCbi VIP technology achieves up to 30% more storage capacity. 
 • A newly developed refrigeration system and the Freezer structure offer a quiet experimental environment. 
 • Two independent and insulated inner doors with gaskets prevent cold air leakage. 
 • VIP technology maximises storage capacity 
 • Safe operation with Status Alert continuous 
 • The inner doors are removable for cleaning and 
 • Enhanced security 
 • Improved accessibility 
 • Quiet operation 
 • Improved energy consumption 
 • Can hold up to 216 pcs of 2in boxes


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